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Where do you start in filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit/claim? My wife's boss since day one has degraded and harassed my wife for over a year and a half. My wife has tried to go through the proper avenues and get this solved, i.e. upper management, but to no evail. I am personally tired of his crap and I'm about to do something about it. I would just like to go and beat the shit out of him and be done with it. But instead I'd like to make his life a living hell and take everything he has, can you tell I'm a little heated. But seriuosly, he has made inappropriate jesters about her body, chest size, and figure. He has also degrated her for being a woman, saying they belong at home with kids, things of this nature. There is such a huge list of things he has done that I don't have the time or energy to type all of it. So back to my question where do I start and is it even worth the trouble? And any lawyers want to take a shot at this? We have witness to most if not all of this and this is a large corporation.
Can I file a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit? You can't seem to make it in America in TV, or media unless you are gay. I cry foul! Maybe this is the new version of the casting couch? Then it is gender discrimination. USE your brains, pea-brained Americans. It is orientation discrimination if the powers that be hire gays and not straights. It is GENDER discrimination if I have toosleep with the boss but he boss only likes men. Try again imbeciles. pink chiffon ceiling? Ha LOL Good one! Bug. Show me your law degree and I will show you mine. You gays just abuse the truth.
Have there been successful reverse discrimination lawsuits? Have you heard of people winning reverse discrimination lawsuits for example, against a Korean landlord in LA who does not want white people to rent there, or a company looking only to hire women or blacks? What about when black people harass someone at school if the person is white ? Or a place that prefers gays discriminating against straights. Have there been successful judgments and compensations?
Sexual Discrimination lawsuit? I went to a local used car dealership yesterday with every intention on buying a car. My mother and I were looking a the car I wanted and the sales guy came up to us and was horrible he treated us so wrong. When asked the price of the car he replied alot of money, my mother hen asked him well what is the price and he alot. My moher walked off to get my dad and he asked me who was wanting the car and I said im looking at buying that I have been looking for that same type o car or a while now just have never found what I wanted. He looked at me and laughed at me. I would understand if it were a BMW or something of that sort but it was S2000 that blue-booked for 23,000 im over 21 and shouldn't have been treated that way. Im really wanting to sue that dealership for sexual discrimation. My question is can I sue them. I know alot about cars, I plan on opening up my own shop one day and I deal with men being jerks towards me often. But how that guy treated me was horrible. Okay for starters im not money hungry I have money thats not an issue. Its the simple fact that this is an on going thing with dealerships. Maybe if one dealership got sued for it other dealerships would take notice.
Can I file a discrimination lawsuit? my daughter just lost her first tooth, and the tooth fairy gave her a quarter. Her friend lost her first tooth last week and got a dollar. I think it's because we are black and her friend is white. Can I sue for discrimination?
Could my son have a discrimination lawsuit? Seven years ago when my special needs son was five-years-old, he was invited by Make-A-Wish to visit Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch. I will leave out our hopes and stick with the facts. When nine o'clock rolled around, we were told that Neverland was closing for the day. Our son was not invited to spend the night. I feel that our son was discriminated against because there were more attractive children there. Is this a case that can be taken to court because of discrimination based on disability?
In an employment discrimination lawsuit, who has the bigger burden of proof? I've been told that the burden of proof always lies with the Plaintiff, but I've recently heard that the courts will instruct a jury that they need to decide basically if the discrimination "could have" happened, and not so much if it was proven that it did. In that case, isn't the burden of proof moreso on the defendant to prove that the discrimination DIDN'T happen at all?
Do I have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit? I am currently working for a company and was promoted to manager last week. There was two other managers beside myself, one of the managers called in Friday so I covered his shift and worked 16 hours that day. Then on Sunday the same manager didn't show up, so I went in 8 hours early to cover his shift again, the other manager would not come in and cover my shift so the general manager of another store came in and covered my shift so I could go home because I had not had a day off since June 19th. On Monday our current general manager quit, and another manager made the schedule out and gave me two days off. I got to work today and the manager that didn't show up or even call is now the new General Manager, and the other Manager that would not relieve me is the Assistant General Manager, and they took my keys. They didn't give me a reason, and when I ask the new General Manager why he told me that our District Manager told him that she wanted to run the store with two managers and she wanted the other guy to stay manager because he went to church and trusted him. But the same guy that goes to Church is court ordered to be in rehab, and I have nothing on my background other then traffic tickets. Not sure if it matters but both of the other managers are male and I am a female. Well I just got home from work and even more has happened. There was a manager that walked out last week and quit, per the companies guidelines they are not eligible for rehire for 2 years, but he came back yesterday. I get in there and he is not only back but they have made him manager again.
What is the procedure for filing a discrimination lawsuit in canada? I live in the US and would like to sue a company in canada.
do i have a sexual discrimination lawsuit? I have worked for the same company for three and a half years. Two years ago I was by my managers that i would have a a certain promotion. I prepared myself and became certified, two weeks ago I just found out they are giving the promotion to a man who was a mechanic, who was injured so he can no longer perform the duties he was hired to do, and is under qualified and who started a year after I started. Can i sue the company because I know they just gave him the promotion because he is a man. Oh and this a truck mechanic shop. I was told by my boss and by the director of the department the promotion is in that they agree with me but because it is the CFO and director of maintenance making the decision, their hands are tied.
What are the outcomes of racial discrimination lawsuits? What are the typical outcomes of racial discrimination lawsuits?
Do I have grounds to file a discrimination lawsuit? I was recently fired from my job, and my boss nit picked everything I did, constantly talked to me with an attitude. Criticized me and my work in front of other employees like she was trying to make me look stupid or belittle me, or even like she was trying to emasculate me. It's like she had some type of deep seeded personal problem with me and it would show, I couldn't figure out why until she wrote me up twice at one time. Our store got inspected by corporate and there were things that needed to be done that hadn't and instead of taking the blame upon herself like a good manager would, she put it all off on me when she hadn't told me had to do them, so she wrote me up for that. Also she wrote me up for not doing all the things I was supposed to when I had been there around a month and she didn't properly train me, she told me there were things that needed to be done everyday and things that needed to be done once a week she never went over everything she showed me how to do one or two things and kind of through me into the job. But when everything( including things that needed to be done once a week only like she said) she'd com down on me. She constantly discussed me with other employees which I know for a fact is a "no-no". But when she wrote me up we had a long discussion and I thought everything was good, but then a week or two later it all started up again, and it still seemed like she had a personal problem with me, and the reason I say that is when she wrote me up and we had that discussion she actually told me and I quote " I think one of the reasons why I've been hard on you is because you remind me of my ex-husband". Now when she fired me she came at me with a hateful attitude and said 2-4 times and I quote " You need to step up and be a man!". Now I for one was outraged, personally offended, and insulted. I for one feel like she was taking her hostility toward her ex-husband out on me, and there have been numerous times where I've over heard her complaining about him. Now when I was fired she had an hostile attitude, and caused our argument to escalate when she mocked me when I tried to tell about things that were bothering me, and how I didn't appreciate her attitude. Like I said she was crabby, disgruntled, and ill natured and had a hostile attitude and she provoked me into an argument. The whole time I worked there I did what I was supposed to do, and there were people whose slack I had to pick up, people that came in late, and people who didn't come is at all cured at her in an arguement, and people who used forged doctor notes, and people who blatantly didn't do there work. Now taking all this in consideration I also have proof that she told me I remind her of her ex-husband because I recorded her with my cell phone without her knowing. Plus not to mention plenty of the employees there know how she is to me and have seen her hostility toward me. Do I have good cause for a case in any shape or form?
Aren't hate crimes grounds for a reverse discrimination lawsuit? In effect, hate crimes are really stating that because a crime was committed against a certain individual, then the person who committed that crime deserves a greater punishment, then if they had committed that crime against any other person, hence placing more value on some people then others based on their race or so called sexual preference. Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.
Equality watchdog faces discrimination lawsuit from employee, how ethical is the commission? The government's equality watchdog, set up to combat all forms of prejudice at work, faces a sex discrimination lawsuit this week from a female member of its own staff. the case risks exposing broader questions about the recruitment policies adopted by the commission,
How much U get for discrimination lawsuit? Mexican by birth, now american citizen. A cuban-american sent a discrimination e-mail against mexicans to 200 co-workers (none of these are mexicans, different nationalities). The is a copy, because the e-mail is printed out.
Nepotism / Discrimination Lawsuit? My now husband and I had worked for the same company for 2 years before getting together. After secretly dating we were caught and informed that there was a nepotism clause in our handbooks that stated one of us had to leave or discontinue our relationship. I left my position for my husband and took a dollar pay cut as well as my commission pay which gave me roughly 200 dollars a month. Now his two coworkers are dating and live together and management openly knows. Is this enough to file a lawsuit? I left the company 6 months ago before we were married.
A Disability/Age discrimination lawsuit for wrongful termination is filed!? What costs and monies items should be included for a final settlement (such as Cobra payments, bills, etc)? Any assistance is appreciated!!!
How do I file a discrimination lawsuit against my employer? Will it cost me anything to file, if so how much?
How do I file a gender discrimination lawsuit? After leaving my now ex-wife, she went and filed for child support. She did it out of spite and not necessity. Well they granted her the order, but they used a "one size fit's all" mentality. They botched the whole process. I have even caught them stealing, so to speak. It's against, the county and state I live in so I know I'm pushing my luck. But according to the federal mandates regarding the child support process, my state didn't even look at the case. They just said, he's the man, she's the woman give her the money and that's where they screwed up. I have already been told I'm going to lose, so I don't need to hear that. I just need to know where I can find the right paperwork to get this going. They want to hold me responsible for the choices I have made. They need to be held accountable for theirs.
Where can I find sample formats for discrimination lawsuits? I have a lawsuit I am filing and need to find sample formats of what the suit should look like for the State of Wisconsin courts. I have searched the net and cant find a thing
Discrimination Lawsuit - can someone please help me understand this article? I am reading an article and there is portion that I don't completely understand. Portion of Article: The original plaintiff in the massive lawsuit certified as a class action yesterday said she is "ecstatic" about a California judge's ruling that a gender- discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart could move forward as a class action. [end] What is a "class action"?
Is this grounds for a discrimination lawsuit in California. LGBT? I've been going to a local bakery for special occasions (birthdays, promotions, parties, etc) for about a year and a half now. Recently, I asked for a cake for my boyfriends and I ninth anniversary. I was told that he did not have time to make the cake. But, then one of my co-workers went to the SAME bakery and had no trouble placing a order for a cake (Almost identical to mine) after my visit! After learning of this I went back and presented him with the FACTS. He said the he could not make it because it would violate his religion by helping condone "Abominable and Unnatural Acts of Sodomy". -DIRECT QUOTE (Unknown to him I recorded his "speech" onto my cellphone -pretty decent quality-) I told him what he was doing was illegal... BUT he pointed to a sign that said "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" and then told me he was protected under the 1st Amendment citing Freedom of Religion. Is what he did illegal? I was researching some stuff a came across this "Unruh civil right act" Dose this apply?
Do I have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit? I am getting fed up with my employer. I have been working for my company for 4 years. Earlier this year certain people were given performance reviews. They were scored on several catagories and if your review was good enough you got a raise. Well I and other people I know were never even given a review nor a raise! I feel this is extremely unfair. We never got the chance to see how our progress was during the year. Also I found out from a coworker that she got a raise and makes .30 cents more per hour than I do...and we both do the same job and have the same duties...the only difference is I have been working for this company 3 years longer than she has! I live in Iowa if that matters. Shouldn't reviews be given uniformly to all employees? The raises were done earlier this year...I highly doubt they plan on giving any more raises out...I feel like I got the sh*t end of the stick.
Discrimination lawsuit? So at my job, they recently posted an ad for a supervisor position. And so far, everybody that applied has been interviewed, except me. Now, I've only been there for two months, but a guy who started a week after me got an interview. I have no write-ups, no sick days, no complaints, and no tardyness. So there really is no excuse for my boss not giving me an interview. So, would this be discrimination? Heres the kicker though, me and my boss are both white.
Could this be a lawsuit for gender discrimination?? I am a senior in college preparing to student teach next semester. In order to student teacher, as a music major, we must fulfill certain requirements. Just a few of these include: passing all proficiencies, finishing a level 2 language, and passing our instrumental juries. I have completed all of the above, but because I transferred from another college there was a discrepency between which scales I was supposed to have completed. They told me that I may not be able to student teach because they weren't sure which scales I need to complete. I find out that my colleague, who is currently student teaching, didn't pass 1 of his proficiencies, didn't take his language, and didn't finish his juries. Yet he was allowed to student teach! My question is: If my jury is the only thing keeping me from student teaching, but they let him could this be considered ender discimination??
Do i have a discrimination lawsuit....or any lawsuit? I've been with this company for over a year. We take care of developmentally disabled clients. A client I worked with regularly punched me in my stomach and I am pregnant. I asked my boss if I could work with clients who are not violent until I have the baby. My friend was pregnant and worked here and he let het work with all nonviolent clients her whole pregnancy. He said he couldn't accomidate my needs because everyone else is afraid of the client that punched me. My dr wrote a note saying I can not be scheduled with clients who are frequently violent. My boss said all people with disabilities have a potential to be violent. He refuses to schedule me until I have the baby, and said he will have to assess me then to see if he feels I am ready to com back. The part that really angers me is there are clients there that have never been aggressive in their lives!!!!!! And they're 30+ years old so I don't see it happening.
Do I have an age discrimination lawsuit against my employer? I have worked at a corporation for 20 years. They changed my station to the back so they could put a young person there. The co. wants the public to see younger people working there.
Does my daughter have a discrimination lawsuit? My 20 yr old daughter is a native of the Philippines. I moved my wife and daughters to the United States, as I am a U>S> Citizen. She was hired on as a cashier at a supermarket. She is Asian, and does speak with a slight accent, but, she speaks fluent English. Her co-workers have harrassed her about her accent, culture, call her dumb, stupid, make her do their chores, switch her scheduled hours, etc. She has been insulted in front of customers. All of her co-workers are Hispanic, and have even offered to teach her Spanish. She would ask how to say something, and they would teach her an offensive phrase...For instance, she wanted to know how to say "How's it going?", and they told her to say "Quieres cojer?" (which translates to "you want to fuck?". She said this to a regular customer, and the customer was shocked, and the co-workers all laughed, including the asst. manager on duty. Also, they told her the word "puta" meant "friend", when in fact that translates into "whore". She has asked her co-workers to stop with the insults, making fun of her, and to leave her alone, to no avail. When she informed the manager, he just shrugged it off and said they were just having fun. It became a hostile environment to work in, and she couldn't take it anymore. She would come home in tears. She ended up resigning her position when she could no longer handle the abuse and discrminatory remarks. What are her options? Who does she inform? How does she file a lawsuit? Does she even have a case? By the way...she is a full time college student, with a 4.0 grade point average. She may speak with an accent, but, in no way does she THINK with one! Please steer me in the right direction.....Thank you in advance.
can I file a discrimination lawsuit against my boss? so they created a " sign-in sign- out sheet and there are four employees including me but I'm the only one that suppose to sign it. because I'm late everyday but he doesn't have proof of that. Is that fair? what if they of no proof of my lateness and i'm black and the other employees are white and so is the boss?
Can a gender discrimination lawsuit be filed against a judge? Don't care how likely it is I just want to know if it's possible and if it would/could go in front of a federal judge
Can I file lawsuit against hospital for age discrimination? I am a 20 year old female who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I love my son with all my heart but having to nurture a fetus inside of me was a horrific experience. I was constantly sick, depressed to the point of being suicidal (I'm a pretty happy person unless something bad happens in my life). I gave a genuine smile or laugh probably five times in the whole nine months. If I had not been growing a life inside of me I probably would have done something harmful to myself because I have never felt such emotional distress before. I had to stop working even though I had a job I truly enjoyed and I was always so out of it I couldn't enjoy simple things or even walk to the bathroom without wanting to vomit. After givng birth the doctor even said that there were abnormally high levels of hormones in my blood to the point where it affected my brain chemistry. And what do you know, a couple days after giving birth I was the old me again. After realizing this I AM DONE! I never wanted to give birth to a second child anyway, but now I am damn sure I don't want one. My husband's mom has an adoption agency and says she could get us around the fees so if we ever did decide we wanted another kid we could just go that route. So I am trying to get sterilized here, but the doctors say I am too young. I do not want birth control because I am very sensitive to hormones and become a lunatic if things go slightly out of balance. Tried birth control before, and even if that wasn't an issue I am not comfortable with the health risks. Condoms are a pain and the cost really adds up after a while. And I am extremely opposed to abortion so if I got pregnant again I would have no choice but to follow through with the pregnancy. I know if I got pregnant again I could not care for my son and would be an unfit mother because I just became this different person while pregnant and I don't want him to have to deal with that. My husband is in the military and if he were to be deployed I would probably have to send my son to live with family and I don't want that. I hate to be a drama queen here, but pregnancy was just that bad, and the doctor I met with said she wasn't comfortable because of my age. I looked it up and it seems this is going to be a problem. I am going to shop around for other doctors but if they have the same attitude as that one woman, what I want to know is can I take them to court for age discrimination? If I was in my thirties this would not be a problem. I know what I want. In my eyes this is no different than denying someone service due to gender or race. And if it does end up to be a mistake, the only person to suffer would be me so it's not their business. So, what I want to know is, can I take them to court? I know the army is a massive massive establishment but if they let people younger than me make the choice to get killed or maimed for life, I reserve the right to be given the option to be rendered infertile. ANY help would be appreciated. thank you. This is not a matter of me having a health condition that would make the procedure risky, or me requesting an expensive procedure for a condition that isn't likely to plague me, which would be normal reasons to deny someone something in a hospital setting. They are denying me a procedure that many other women can get without trouble SOLELY because of my age. They are making a presumption about me being indecisive/having poor judgment based on something I have no control over, which is the definition of discrimination. And last I checked, such a thing was illegal in this country.
Has anyone ever been involved in a disability discrimination lawsuit? If so, what was the case and what was the outcome.
Discrimination lawsuit? I live in NC and am curious as to what the statute of limitations is on filing a discrimination lawsuit? A lady I work with has been saying for over a year now she is going to file one with our employer and I am beginning to wonder if she is just all talk or if she really is going to. I am just being nosey i guess, but still wondering.
discrimination lawsuit? If I file a discrimination lawsuit against my company and refuse to go to my work place because it is an uncomfortable environment, will I still receive my medical benefits for the time I am not there - what are my rights.
Is it considered discrimination? My collegue, who is a white female, junior to me gets all sorts of perks from the supervisor. She gets time off the books (ex she takes some Fridays off), meaning the attendance records show that she is present when she is not here. She also gets to run out for extended lunches and doctors appointments. She and the supervisor often take lunches together and recently she got a promotion. I on the other hand, a minority, have to punch in and out for my 30 minute lunch break and I am not be away from the office without the my time punches reflecting that. I do admit I was disciplined for leaving work without permission (I knew I was going to get denied the leave so I took it ) but I feel that she gets too much leeway and she is too comfortable with him. I have rock solid proof of the falsified attendance records!! I was here when she said she had the day off but when I checked her punches in the system (I am working on a project that gives me full access to everyones attendance records ), I found it said she had worked a full 8 hours!!
Discrimination lawsuit? If I had a yard sale and a gay couple came and I asked them to leave could I be hit with a discrimination lawsuit?
Could my son have a discrimination lawsuit? Seven years ago when my special needs son was five-years-old, he was invited by Make-A-Wish to visit Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch. I will leave out our hopes and stick with the facts. When nine o'clock rolled around, we were told that Neverland was closing for the day. Our son was not invited to spend the night. I feel that our son was discriminated against because of his limp. Is this a case that can be taken to court because of discrimination based on disability?
discrimination lawsuits against landlords?? help me? well i have filed a lawsuit against with my landlord based on discrimination-sexual advances torward me,lockingme out of my apt,turning off lights on me,throwing away my belongings,backing off on a business deal.
Discrimination Lawsuit? I hear that a group of women are suing GEICO because there are no portrayals of female cavemen, or 'cavewomen' if you will. What's the story there? Lawsuit Update: It seems Geico has won the lawsuit, succesfully claiming that the Cavemen were Neanderthals. Neaderthals and modern humans have common ancestors, and while genetically similar, Neanderthals are considered a separate species. Therefore, since no humans were involved, there could be no discrimination, unless you wanted to allow discrimination suits for dogs, cats, and every other animal out there. Geico won the case, but it is being appealed.
discrimination lawsuit? my wife was told to put her hair up, at her job. all women must wear there hair up, for about 2 weeks she has been calling the manager in the office to ask why the other employees are not doing this. when the manager tells the other worker to put there hair she replies ok and keeps it down anyways the whole day. and the manager does not say anything to her the whole day. this is just one of many things that has been happening. could this be a legal matter?
Possible Discrimination lawsuit? I live in the state of Indiana. I was hired in 2011 and 18 months later I was "laid off". I was the only African American woman in the office. I've gotten rave reviews and praises, No complaints what's so ever. My bosses friend whose Caucasion was hired to help me. She had no experience and i had to train her. A month later I was laid off, Hr said they was going in another direction. Yesterday a friend sent me a message saying the company I was laid off from just sent her an invitation to apply for my position, ( my friend is caucasion). I have the email HR sent her. Do I have a case? HR MOM: Then what would you call it??? I was told by an employee who is still there that my boss did not want to let me go but have HR do it because fear of a law suit, the less my manager says the better, or so I've been told. instead of telling me what its not tell me what other possiblilities could it be beside discrimination...
Discrimination lawsuit? I just started my job at work,.cime tk.the conclusion they discriminate better shift supervisors and manger, first month 8'peiple quit. Come to.find out that the head cooperate is comimg to this week to investigate it Considering.,a JUsy.wondering what would.most.
discrimination lawsuit? Ok, I need some help with how to get the NAACP involved in a discrimination lawsuit. Heres the issue. My step-father is a black man and has worked with Franklin Baking Company for 17 years. He had transeferred to another warehouse later on in his career and that's when all the issues started. He has always done real well in the companys promotions and contests and was always a nice guy to be around, and I know it started to make the other employess really ticked. You see, he was the ONLY black man working at this warehouse, all the other employees and boss man and the higher up(s) were white. July 7th two o'clock in the morning he gets a phone call that his work truck had been submerged in the river down at a park in New Bern, NC...(where he lived and worked at the time). Now I think this is extremely sad and pathetic that someone had to do him wrong like this, knowing he had 6 children and a wife to feed..So, he went down to the scene and they had already pulled the truck from the water WITHOUT his permission..alot of his product (the bread) was destroyed as well as his truck..someone had literally rigged it up and drove it to the location, propped a board and rock on the gas pedal and drove it in the water..Also, alot of crude comments were said to him..alot of "what if I did do it" type of comments as if they were trying to provoke him into a fight so he would be fired..but he never spoke ill to them, not once. Soon after he was fired and now he is still struggling. So this is what he has had to deal with, that to me is discrimiation..and he wants to get the NAACP involved so he can follow up with the lawsuit...does anyone have step by step instructions on how to go about this? or links to some numbers that we can call?? Thanks for all serious answers!! He WAS discriminated agaisnt. I guess you wouldnt know since your most liely white..he was not responsible for the trucks security, and YES they did need his permission because he owned the truck, he is a independent distributor.. and with comments made to him like "whats wrong william, its only raining, shit floats" is more aless very racial..its not a big deal that he was the only black man there, just a little bit shitty that grown adults have to be so cynical..
Can I file a discrimination lawsuit or complaint? Ok, So I am in the After School Matters program so that I can get help finding a job that suits my interests. This heavy set white lady came over because she was the one to interview me. I am medium-dark brown complexion. She confronted me to confirm my race/ethnicity. I am black white and hispanic. But she said that I did not look like it at all and said that I was lying to myself. She also said that my name sounds like a drag queens name. And I see this as a form of discrimination.. I don't want any money, I just want her fired so no one else has to go through the same thing with her.. What should/can I do?
Can i get a lawsuit for discrimination ? Im a black male with a four years don't his mother white. We no longer together an I been in his life since he been in the world, for the last six mouth he been staying with me a mouth ago he went to grandmother house an never came back home ss said they got a call that my son an his mom were homeless so they went to grandmother house to talk to grandmother she told them that my son was with me an that the mom is on durgs they told her she have to keep my son cause im on the run so she have to keep him so s.s in my co don't take him. Frist of all im not on the run im not even in the system im in good helth me an my girl do our best for him and this. I haven't. Seen him since I went to court no one were there but me my layers witch is white. Da judge an ss employees. All white I had everything to show my son stayed with me an they didn't want to see one thing but gonna still say he were homeless I faint pay rent cause I had to get a layers. I caint sleep right or eat since my s on been gone the bad part about it no one trued to amired that I take care of my kids why becouse im black ?I think they should pay for every day they took my son
Can I file this discrimination lawsuit against this medical school? Hypothetically: Lets say that I picked "African American" as my race category to get an advantage into medical school. And they refuse to accept this because I am Egyptian and I claim that Egypt is in Africa therefore I AM African American! would this lawsuit work? why would it not work? Please explain I have sub-saharan African Heritage. If you are telling me that Egyptian President ANWAR SADAT is white, you have another thing coming
Discrimination lawsuit question.? I am a white male who works in a public service sector. I applied for 2 promotions at work and received interviews for both positions. The first position was given to a white female over me. We have both worked at the company the same amount of time, only I have a degree and she does not. Second position was given to an african american female who has worked at the company less time than I have and who has no supervisory experience, and I do. We both have degrees on the second position. Based on our clientele there is an assumption that having supervisors of the female gender and or african american race will make agents use are facility. I am not one to sue nor do I intend to, my only question is that; "Is this a case of discrimination?", and "If I would take this to court would I possibly win a case?". It should be noted that I have no negative evaluations nor have I been given a write up for any reason.
Can I file a discrimination lawsuit against my teacher for this? I go to a Catholic High School and all of the sudden my teacher had me removed from my class. I came into her class one day and she began screaming, calling me a bully, that I take advantage of people, and I'm harassing her. She ordered me to leave the classroom. No one, including all of my other teachers have ANY idea why she is doing this. She is "mental" but I keep my mouth shut in her class and I do nothing. But now I have had to change my entire schedule, and be taken away from all of my friends because of this woman. I also have Aspergers so I am dependent on certain friends to make it through the day. Can't I file a lawsuit or something against her? She is the one who is bullying me.... and I did nothing to this woman. I swear to God! Now , I'm not in the class anymore and she is saying crap about me and the entire class believes I was unjustly removed and they want me back in the class. The teachers I have are also backing me up. I need to get back in this class for my mental health. I need to take some sort of action against this woman. Please help. The administration is also backing her up. How do I get back in her class?
What would be my chances of winning a discrimination lawsuit? I recently got let go of work because of my age. They told me I was too young to work , after working there for over 2 months. What would be my chances of winning a discrimination lawsuit against them? Well, I am 17 years old and I was an assistant manager at a convenience store. I was practically running the store too because the manager had cancer. I had even signed a contract with them that clearly indicated my age.
Should male models file discrimination lawsuits for being paid less than females for doing the exact same job? Should male models file discrimination lawsuits against companies and the fashion/model industry for being paid less than females for doing the exact same job, based on the Equal Pay Act of 1963? Why aren't feminists (who claim to be for equality) demanding that male models get paid the same as female models? From what I recall, modeling and prostitution are the only profession where men on average get paid less than women. Object of its Ire: Incorrect. Male fashion models and female fashion models both work in the fashion industry. There's no difference between a man walking down the runway and a woman walking down the runway. There's no difference in the work ethic between a man in an advertisement for men's underwear and a woman in an advertisement for women's underwear. Teeleecee: There is no cohesive "masculinist movement". It has only in recent years began to take a small foothold in response to misandry and female bigotry. But there is no true "masculinist movement" in the same respects of the "feminist movement." It's more of an ideology with various loose-knit "male rights" and "fathers rights" groups. Feminism claims to be about equality between men and women. Many critics (correctly) state that feminism is actually just for women's rights and priveleges. This is proven in the fact that you and other feminists aren't complaining about men getting unequal pay in the fashion/model industry. Be sure to check out this question:;_ylt=AjParTHV4SC6TvjOXCcnxL7sy6IX?qid=20070825214928AAS9rBP Mollypop: Prostitution is against the law in this country, so there's no sense in fighting for a criminal's rights. Mollypop: Bringing it to the attention on the internet is a form of "raising awareness". Mollypop: It's 11pm at night right now where I'm at. I just got home. Most people are at clubs right now. Wouldn't make sense for me to "get out there" and start talking about feminism and discrimination. When people club that's the last thing they want to talk about. Mollypop: I think you should go "save" these models. You seem more adamant about their cause than me. So get out there in the streets and start petitioning, instead of talking to me. Thanks! Mollypop: I'm the one that's disappointed in you. You seem so boisterous and jubilant about this issue, and then when I call your bluff, you back down and say you "don't care". If you don't care, then let me do what I need to do regarding raising awareness. You just seem angry. Mollypop: You're jubilant and boisterous while being angry at the same time because you're a woman. Women's emotions fluctuate and tend to not make sense rapidly. Pay attention, moron. Mollypop: A misandrist like you should pay attention, otherwise you just stick your foot in your mouth. You wanted to make a joke out of this situation, and I played your game, and then you got mad. No wonder a misandrist like you doesn't have a man and hasn't had a man in years. Sucks to be you.
Recommend a lawyer / law firm for filing an Age Discrimination Lawsuit against the University of Pennsylvania? Can you recommend a lawyer or law firm in Philadelphia for filing an age discrimination lawsuit against the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), the Board of Trustees, and/or Penn's President Amy Gutmann? Are there additional places outside of court to register a complaint of age discrimination against a private university that receives public funding? Clarify: The age discrimination is in writing from the University and is not about an application as a new student.
How do I deal with a past discrimination issue ( lawsuit ) when applying for a new job? I filed and won a discrimination lawsuit. It's been a number of years and I am now applying for another job (federal). Part of the application requires a copy of my resignation document. That document in part describes the situation. I am concerned a prospective employer will look at those comments and make a judgement in a negative way. Should I include a letter of explaination? If so what would it say? I am afraid because of it I won't get the opportunity to explain. Even worse - I should have to explain!
Are religious organizations protected from discrimination lawsuits? I was reading something that said religious organizations would be opening themselves up for discrimination lawsuits if they do not allow gay couples to marry in their church (in CA). I don't want to debate whether gay marriage is OK or not; I just want to know if churches and other religious entities are protected from those kinds of discrimination lawsuits. Thanks.
how many discrimination lawsuits have been won due to epilepsy, narcolepsy or both? i have a friend who was fired from her job because the employer stated she did not perform the essential duties as required.. She has had 2 brain surgeries and has focal seizures and narcolepsy..all her performance reviews have been rated consistenty meets/sometimes exceeds standards. can she file a disability discrimination lawsuit? How will ADA define her illnesses?
How to file lawsuit against county government? I want to file a wrong full termination/discrimination lawsuit against the orange county goverment in FLorida. How do I do this? Thanks. Thanks, I'm asking for someone else, so not sure on those questions. I
Is it true nowadays that it is nearly impossible to win a lawsuit for age discrimination? There is a radio program called "Handle on the Law" in which the radio personality/practicing lawyer often tells callers that winning an age discrimination lawsuit is nearly impossible now. Thanks for considering this question.
Can white people file a discrimination law suit? Can white people file a discrimination lawsuit against the NAACP and La Raza for not allowing them to join?
Can you represent yourself in a lawsuit? If I cannot afford to hire an attorney in a discrimination lawsuit, can I represent myself and ask for a jury trial? I am in the state of Washington.
When are federal taxes due on a lawsuit settlement amount received? In January 2010 I received a check (10% was a separate check considered lost wages) which was the settlement for an age discrimination lawsuit resolved out of court. I need to know if I must pay the federal taxes during the quarter received or if I pay them with my income taxes for 2010.
do i have to accept eeoc finale decision if im not happy with the amt. Can i get an attorney outside of eeoc? In an age discrimination lawsuit, can eeoc be dismissed . The mediation did not work.Also, do I have to take the amt offered in settlement or can I refuse it.Does eeoc have the final say . If eeoc is the plaintiff and Im the charging party,can i still change attnys?
What do think of dentists who only treat women and children? I was watching the news and on came a female dentist who they described as only treating women and children. Of course both genders have specialists but a dentist that will not treat men? I find it hard to recall ever hearing of a dentist that only treated men and children. Why do i get the feeling discrimination lawsuits would be sky high? So in this womans dental practise the father or husband would have to be treated elsewhere. A heck of a world.
Can you tell me a specific law which can hold a company responsible for its employees actions? For example, sexual harassment, unsafe work environment, or discrimination lawsuits can sue a company for one supervisors behavior. What law says the company is responsible for its employee's actions?
Do you think there will ever be a law requiring churches not to forbid hiring homosexual pastors/teachers? With all the discrimination lawsuits, do you think this could be next?
is it legal for Nordstrom to ask your birthdate when applying ? This is not optional, your application will not be accepted. Nordstrom just lost a major discrimination lawsuit in May2009. I don't believe this is legal as they are profiling applicants. Anyone who works at Nordstrom pls give insight. Thx you.
I see what appears to be illegals everywhere. How can I tell if they are illegal before I report them? If I call ICE and they come to investigate, will they penalize me or can I be charged with something like a discrimination lawsuit if the people who appear to be illegal are really here legally? I know you will ask 'why do I think they're here illegally?' They can't speak English, there are many of them doing cash jobs like lawn service, etc. I am near Chicago where a lot of the illegals live and protested on May Day with the protection of our police departments. For those of you who think I should mind my own business and look the other way, I hope they move into your town so that you can deal with them. From what I'm hearing, I really can't report these people to ICE because I haven't looked at their fake documents? Just to clarify, I am not speaking of individual families but rather of what appear to be many people working here illegally for various companies and draining our taxes. This is the problem that many people are facing and why so many illegals continue working in the USA. People are either afraid to report them or don't want to get involved because they would feel really rotten if they turned someone in who was trying to start a new life here legally. This is the kind of mess that the illegals have caused. So the real question is how do we separate the legals from the illegals - and I am talking about at the worksite through the employers - not the employees individually. If the employer is investigated and has been falsely accused, then they could create a lot of problems for a person turning them in. However, if there is an anonymous hotline number or website for giving tips to the right authorities, we will be helping to clean up our country. Any thoughts?
How much should I ask for pregnancy discrimination? Im in Michigan, filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, FMLA lawsuit against employer....the judge recommended we try to settle out of court. I am new to this, my attorney wants to know what I believe is a reasonable offer. What would a reasonable offer be? I am out over 18000 back pay and promotion pay....the rest would be my emotional distress etc...
i am leasing a restaurant soon and need to fire some employees how do I do that legally? I have been a customer of this restaurant for years now and have seen several of the employees being disrepectful to not only fellow co-workers but to customers on a regular basis as well. I myself have been threatened physically by one of the employees and several of her friends in the parking lot of this restaurant. There is no authority enforced with a few of these employees. Racial discrimination is screamed everytime a few of these employees are confronted with their behavior. I need to know how to discharge their employment when I come in legally so I don't have to worry about the discrimination lawsuits.
In alberta are employers required to pay you for lunch breaks? I was just hired through kelly services, and according to them, I dont include the time for my lunch break on the time card. I'm entitled to two 15 minute breaks throuh the day, which I get payed for, but not lunch. I've been reading online about how kelly is very bad to workers and that there have been about a zillion employee discrimination lawsuits, so am I getting taken advantae of? Well I already know I'm getting taken advantage of, but my question is if it is leal?
Reverend Jesse Jackson, Jr. forgives Paula Deen and agrees to help her in a remarkable show of tolerance? The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Deen had called him and he agreed to help her, saying she shouldn't become a sacrificial lamb over the issue of racial intolerance. "What she did was wrong, but she can change," Jackson said. During a deposition in a discrimination lawsuit filed by an ex-employee, the chef, who specializes in Southern comfort food, admitted to using the N-word in the past. The lawsuit also accuses Deen of using the slur when planning her brother's 2007 wedding, saying she wanted black servers in white coats, shorts and bow ties for a "Southern plantation-style wedding." She should learn from him, or will she?
Is it possible for lawyer to get employer hiring and firing records? If an employer said, "I will fire all you lazy black and hire more asian" to me alone. Then proceed with firing me first. How do the lawyer get employer to release records on the number African American he fire and number of Asian he hire in a discrimination lawsuit?
Can an employer use this as an excuse in a lawsuit? I'm trying to get a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against my employer. I haven't been written up or counciled about my job performance the whole time I've worked there. If they haven't done this can they say my job performance was the cause of my hours being cut to nothing? Jay, thanks for answering what i asked. as for the other two people that answered the question, what you said has absoloutly nothing to do with what i asked. thanks for nothing.
recently a certain company had to fire 10 employees because the company was downsizing. of these? 10 employees, 5 were women. however only 1/3 of the company employees were women. this discrepancy has led women who were fired to file a sexual discrimination lawsuit. do they have a legitimate claim?
recently a certain company had to fire 10 employees because the company was downsizing. of these? 10 employees, 5 were women. however only 1/3 of the company employees were women. this discrepancy has led women who were fired to file a sexual discrimination lawsuit. do they have a legitimate claim?
How long can discrimination lawsuits last? How long can discrimination and workplace bullying lawsuits last if the plaintiffs have money to spend About 100,000 in the pot already Will the case go back and forth without end until money is depleted?
What type of attorney would I contact for representation? in a multiple business discrimination lawsuit. I know, a discrimination attorney, but I haven't found one that specifically says discrimination as Thank you. I'm in Omaha, Nebraska if that helps.
Ladies who are employed poll: Would you flip through the pages? You arrive at work and settle in. After the 3 cups of coffee and a danish, your bladder says "Hey! Empty me!" Once in the company rest room, you find a new book rack installing in the stall, filled with men's girly magazines. POLL: Flip through & enjoy the "articles" >or< File a discrimination lawsuit and retire to Florida?
Has anyone ever filed a reverse discrimination lawsuit with the EEOC? I am a white straight male. My boss favors women and never reprimands blacks in fear of a lawsuit. My boss is a white woman. If I sue, what type of compensation would I be able to recieve? Man should be judged on the content of his character not on the color of his skin.
Regarding the stimulus package - there seem to be many programs that are restricted to certain ethnicity's -? is it possible for people who do not fall into the ethnicity groups to file a discrimination lawsuit? If so what kind of attorney would be best to consult?
What happens to an active employee discrimination lawsuit if the company (publicly traded) is sold? If you sue a public company for discrimination and in the middle of the process the company is sold, what happens? Does the suit go away? Does it carry over to the new owner?
How do I go about filing a discrimination lawsuit against a company/corporation? I feel like I have been discriminated against because of my ethnicity by a large power company in my area. I would like more information about how to file a claim and/or lawsuit against them.
in the US is it legal to have weird or extremely specific candidate requirements when hiring for a job? Like if I were hiring someone, could I require that the applicant must have a curly handlebar mustache, not have blue eyes, be willing to respond to the name Jeeves, or whatever, without risking a discrimination lawsuit?
How come gay men hate women so much? Ok so this is mostly for women to answer but men can chime in to. I work with this really handsome, younger, darker skinned (unlike most pale white people like me) guy is clearly gay and hates women. He has SUCH a horrible attitude, and he is always mean, angry, and bitter. He always makes comments behind my back (I'm not very pretty, older, and overweight) and other female coworkers about our appearances (which are mostly accurate to be honest). I went to HR and she flat out told me that there is nothing I or anyone can do since he is gay. Perhaps if he were married it would be different. She also noted how nobody would buy a sexual harassment charge since he is gay, younger, and much better looking than anyone in the office. Thirdly, if he were fired, there might be a major discrimination lawsuit that he would have a great chance of winning, she said. So my questions are...what should I do and what would you do? The worst part of it is; this woman hating A-hole knows he's got everything working for him and he knows it! Uggh!!!
Will my manager be made a co-defendant in a harassment/discrimination lawsuit if he resigned? He resigned in lieu of termination last year. The complaint is still in the hands of EEOC and being investigated now. When I sue, will it be against both my former employer, former supervisor, and former director or will there be a separate lawsuit against each of them? My former director retired the same month that I filed the EEOC complaint. Can they still be held liable if the no longer work for the organization?
Where and how to file a discrimination lawsuit under Title vii in federal court in San José, California? After the EEOC has sent a Dismissal and Notice of Rights, there is a period of 90 days to file a lawsuit in court. I read there are 3 extra days assigned to the delivery of the notice, the total being 93 days. At this time, I still have no attorney representation but my deadline is coming up. I want to file the lawsuit myself until I find one. Where to file a lawsuit and how? In which court? Civil or Federal? Where are the located? Does it depend on the amount of the claim? What if it is under $75,000? What if it is more? If I submit my paperwork after-hours in the clerk's dropbox, is the date on the time-stamp considered the date in which the lawsuit was filed, or is it the next business day? Thanks!
What kind of a Lawyer do I need for a discrimination lawsuit? Do I even have a case? I am hispanic, and was hired by a company and subsequently moved 1000 miles in January to where their corporate headquarters is located. I was the only non-white employee in the group and shortly after I started there were comments made and emails sent regarding my ethnicity. They were said in jest and at the time I tried to play them off as such, as the weeks went on they got more derogatory and offensive. The manager doing this to me was involved in another sexual harrassment issue with another person and demoted. Then word arrived lay offs were coming, and I was let go after only 6 months. I was informed by my friends that the manager was moved into my old place and took over my job. I want to sue for discrimination...who do I need to contact and how do I do it?
Would you join a civil suit against Yahoo Answers if they eliminated the gender section? If gender was eliminated from yahoo answers, leaving only women's studies....would you sue them, join a discrimination lawsuit or just stop going to yahoo answers altogether or some other option? If you are interested in seeing these men's rights advocates go away, feel free to say that, too. and state your reasons if you like
Should student loans only be given for majors that have the potential to pay them back? Engineering and Nursing-like that. The only way a civil rights studies major could pay back all that bank would be a discrimination lawsuit-and i dont mean Mens Warehouse. @haha nice shot @black dog-nice @gus-agreed-start with the obvious-like the examples i provided
which one of the following had the greatest influence on the decision of many African Americans to shift their? support from the republican Party to the Democratic Party? A.) The Civil Rights movement of the 1950's. B.) Passage of the Fair Labor Practice Act. C.) The new Deal programs created by Franklin Roosevelt. D.) President Bill Cliton lying under oath during a deposition for discrimination lawsuit.
Will friend win his gender discrimination lawsuit? He is planning to sue his company based on gender discrimination. I think he has a case. Do you think he has a case? I do. He and his pregnant wife work at the same company. She gets 3 months paid maternity leave but he only gets 3 days. Both the 1963 equal pay and 1991 civil rights acts say that fringe benefits like paid time off cannot be paid based on sex. Does he have a case?
Paying taxes on a lawsuit settlement? I am about to receive a letter with the amount I won from a discrimination lawsuit against Walmart filed by the eeoc. I was wondering if all the amount will be taxable and will they send me a form at the end of the year or do I add it to my tax return? I usually do my own taxes with Turbo tax because ours is very simple. Will I be able to do this myself or should I have a professional help me next year? Thanks.
Does your school provide microwaves in the lunch room? At our school, a student was burned by a hot microwaved meal. Not a bad burn, just water blisters on one leg, no scars, no skin graft. The next day, all of the microwaves were gone. We received a letter stating that microwaves would no longer be at school and to adjust your brought in lunches accordingly. Parents and children complained and we were told the Board voted and there would be no discussion. Can they do this? Can we go over the Board and file a complaint with DHEC ? Also, 2 children fell off the playground equipment. One broke her arm and the second one broke his leg. This happened 2 days in a row, yet the playground equipment is still there. To get the microwaves back, can we threaten to file a discrimination lawsuit against the school. By not removing the playground equipment, they are showing that the burned student is more important than the broken bone students.
Why can't they name a hurricane Jose or Shaniqua, should I file a racial discrimination lawsuit againts TWC? This is blatant discrimination, I would like to sue The Weather Channel for $100 million.
how can i find out if a company had other age/race discrimination lawsiuts against it? i need to check the status of past age/race discrimination lawsuits against a company that i am suing. They say they have not had any in ten years. 150+ empl. mixed races... i am pro-se and on my own. 150 employees and mixed races. I am pro-se.
Would you hire a woman/women if you owned a company and needed to recruit? I definitely would do it based on gender merits and would try to avoid gender quotas set by feminists. (Yes the bad ones, I know not all fems are pro-Affirm Act.) But is it getting dangerous to hire women with all the laws they have floating around them and the discrimination lawsuits?
Is it true that racial discrimination lawsuits cost over 9 billion dollars each year? If they cost that much to the economy and court systems, then why don't the organizations or groups being sued ever seem to learn? Every year 100's of organizations are sued for racial discrimination and they just don't seem to get it
Do cons seriously think chain retail stores will just hire people off the street? With all the EOE regulations and potential for discrimination lawsuits and such? What do you think the HR department is for?
What is a good blog name for a blog about a person's experiences during a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit? This person is suing an ex-employer for pregnancy discrimination and through lawyer's advice is posting a blog on another site concerning her experience's during the lawsuit. But she is stuck on the actual name of the blog. Any ideas?
Why can't they name a hurricane Jose or Shaniqua, should I file a racial discrimination lawsuit againts TWC? This is blatant discrimination, I would like to sue The Weather Channel for $100 million.
Should OBAMA limit health insurance mandate to minimum instead of maximum to help employers employ more people? Is Obama callous about the higher unemployment rates and higher jobless rates that result when federal policy makes it cost prohibitively higher to employ people? Does he care that Catholic Bishops say they will be forced to shut down hospitals and schools serving local communities if he persists on mandating they cover abortificent drugs? Does Obama support Sandra Flukes goal to force employers to cover gender change procedures for face discrimination lawsuits?
Would being a plaintiff in a current discrimination lawsuit keep me from joining the Navy? I have an active lawsuit I filed earlier this year against a former employer of mine for unlawful discrimination. Will this being active prevent me from enlisting in the US Navy? Would it keep me from gaining a secret level security clearance?
How do I find information online about a Federal Civil Court Case that has just been filed recently? There is a particular civil employment discrimination lawsuit that I have been following the motions and decisions made online. It was filed in the CT State Courts in 09/06, and as of October 2, the judge granted the Defendant's motion to remove the case to Federal Court. I need to know the website where I can look up the publicly available information. I was looking under the judicial website, but now I'm not sure what Federal site to use. Help??
Anyone know the stipulations on the keeps eagle lawsuit? it is a discrimination lawsuit against the USDA for denying native american ranchers equal loans compared to their white rancher counterparts it is the keepseagle lawsuit, the african americans had a similiar lawsuit called the pigford case.. i did name the case it is called the keepseagle lawsuit so is that specific enough for you?
Is this considered a hostile workplace? My friend has a job where most of her coworkers are older, and they are constantly making derogatory comments towards her. She's asked them to stop and they just laugh at her. Her boss knows what is going on and doesn't do anything about it. Does she have a case for a discrimination lawsuit?
USA is the only nation in the World where women get paid more than men for the same job? Furthermore, men are discriminated from day care, child care and teaching jobs while women still get to work in the army with the same pay but risk free.
Is Gay Marriage sweet sweet revenge against the Religious Right for the 1980s? Back then, the religious conservatives were demonizing gay people, saying that AIDS was God's punishment upon them, and zealously pushing homophobic (i.e., anti-sodomy) laws everywhere. Now, the tables have turned. Nearly two-thirds of young people support gay marriage, and just as many don't attend any religious functions whatsoever. With gay marriage, many Christian florists and wedding services will either have to acquiesce to gay marriage or get run out of town with anti-discrimination lawsuits. Is this not a tale of just desserts? It's as if the persecutors are getting a taste of their own medicine after all these decades!
Why doesn't the ACLU file discrimination lawsuits for the obvious discrimination of white males in the USA? Don't they care about White males who are being overlooked for jobs just because of their race ? Of the fact that minorities are not required to score as high on civil service exams ? Or is the ACLU themselves racist ? Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.
How big a company must become in order to be a target of gender discrimination lawsuits? If a company is small enough, it doesn't matter if they only employ men, but how big it must become for people start to notice and they could get in legal trouble
If gay marriage is legalized and gays were refused church weddings, could they file discrimination lawsuits? If so, how would these suits be effected by the first amendment? It's That Guy: No I haven't and that is really my point. They exceptions have never faced serious challenge that I am aware. CVQ3842: Interesting article thanks for the link.
Where will Arizona get the billions they will need for all the discrimination lawsuits? I hope they go bankrupt thanks to racist a$$h@les Arpaio and Brewer.
how much do people get from discrimination lawsuits when it comes to housing discrimination? particularly in san jose, california... when it comes to discrimination in the "arbitrary", "source of income", and "national origin" categories
Kay Jewelers sexual discrimination lawsuits? ? What are the details of the lawsuits going on with Kay Jewelers and Sterling Jewelers? If you are the first to answer I will give you 10 points. Promise.
How Come U.S. Files Discrimination Lawsuits On Behalf Of Muslims? The Obama Administration’s taxpayer-funded Islamic defense program has been quite busy this week, filing several discrimination lawsuits on behalf of Muslims in different parts of the country and holding Justice Department meetings to discuss prosecuting “anti-Muslim hate speech.” The legal actions come on the same week that the White House and various federal agencies—including the Department of Homeland Security—hosted a special workshop to provide members of radical Islamic groups with direct access to U.S. government funding, assistance and resources. Read all about that here. Now the administration is flexing its legal muscle in its ardent quest to befriend the enemy. A federal civil rights agency known as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed discrimination lawsuits against companies in Nebraska, California and Colorado for discriminating against Muslims by not accommodating prayer breaks and forbidding a headscarf on the job. The government sued meatpacking plants in Greeley Colorado and Grand Island Nebraska for religious and racial harassment because dozens of Muslim employees were “denied prayer time” during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The lawsuit seeks changes to policies and procedures to accommodate Muslim workers, payment for past and future damages and punitive damages. In a third lawsuit filed this week the EEOC claims that an outdoor apparel store discriminated against a Muslim female job applicant in northern California because she wore a headscarf known as a hijab. The company has a longstanding employee dress code banning any sort of head covering but the government asserts that in this particular case it’s discriminating on the basis of religion. Also this week, the Justice Department met with a coalition of Islamic groups that demand the administration criminally prosecute anti-Muslim rhetoric as hate speech. Besides investing more resources to combat discrimination against Muslims, coalition leaders want Attorney General Eric Holder to “make a strong public statement” condemning hate crimes, harassment and discrimination against Muslims. Muslims get to pray, or else there is a lawsuit, but Christians can't even have a nondenominational prayer at graduation ceremonies.The majority of the people in the US have steadily lost their rights to accommodate the rights of the minority. I think we are all tired of 70% of the people being forced to live the way only 20% of the people want.
Will blacks start filing discrimination lawsuits against hispanics? Or are they too scared to be considered racist, which is messed up because there are just as many racist hispanics as there are racist whites!
How much compensation should I seek for disability discrimination lawsuit? you are doing case of disability discrimination and your case is very solid. attorney says the case is solid that there is no need of payment for fees. And then attorney also asks you, how much compensation would you like to seek in lawsuit, what amount should you say? i had no financial loss at all. humiliation, anxiety caused by it, nightmares and difficulty to sleep are the main suffering
I'm tired of all these gender discrimination lawsuits..? If women don't want men to make sexual jokes, look at their breasts, or slip in the occasional pinch on the ass- they should stay home. God made women's feet smaller so they can stand closer to the kitchen sink, not so they can get dressed up and play working professional. There's no place for estrogen in the workplace. Theres a reason men make more money on average than women in the workplace.
I want to file a discrimination lawsuit against my employer and I want to quit because I am very uncomfortable I want to quit my job because of racial discrimination at work at the same time file a lawsuit. Is it safe to quit before I see an attorney? I have to give a two week notice inorder to resign, or I can quit anytime if I want to. I need really helpful answers, nt just to get the 2 points.
What should settlement be in a labor/Discrimination lawsuit? We are seeking a settlement through a mediator, our original lawsuit is requesting $500,000. We claim back wages and wrongful termination/discrimination for Pancreatic Cancer. We have a Lawyer and have consult with them...but, I would like the panels viewpoint (looking for a specific dollar amount and/or a percentage). If there are helpful links that go through average settlement amounts and/or advice for people attempting to settle out of court that would be appreciated.
Religious Discrimination in the Workplace Lawsuits.? I have to do a report on religious discrimination in the workplace and I need two lawsuits. I have one where the employee wins, but I need one where the employer won. I'm having a hard time finding one. Does anyone know a good website to look at for this or know one themselves? Thank yall!
Can you get a discrimination lawsuit if a supervisor admitted to calling a staff member a b*tch? The supervisor said it to line employee about another line employee. A meeting was called and he admitted the allegation with a management present. The manager wanted to host a meeting with the supervisor and victim, but the victim refused. The victim stated that the manager needs to make the decision. When is the company liable? Does the employee has to prove anguish? Is the supervisor liable now? The victim won employee of the year for her position.
what type of lawsuits generally get the most money discrimination,harassment, disabilities,religion,etc? based on your expertise or whatever is easier to 'prove' and state the average amount 'awarded' if possible cause i wanna know what cases to take
How do you calculate damages and settlement in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit? I guess what I am trying to ask is how do the lawyers and plaintiff come up with the number to sue with?
How do I file a discrimination lawsuit? I am very angry that the Miss Universe contest appears limited to inhabitants of planet Earth. Where are the contestants from Venus, Dagobah, and any other planet you may be familiar with? This outrage cannot continue!
what type of attorney do I need to file a discrimination lawsuit against a reputable food restaurant? Upon waiting for my order at a well known fast food restaurant, an employee referred to me a racist word in spanish not knowing I spoke and understood the language. I was devastated to know that he was a manager and used that negative word to describe a person waiting for her food. It is amazing when I responded in his native language he was very shocked let alone is disbelief that I understood what he said. How long has he been getting away with this?
How much money should you ask for in a discrimination lawsuit where the EEOC has already found in your favor? the harm they did is force me out of work. They did not accommodate me in the same way that they accommodated others. They tole me I was too disabled to work for them anymore. The State Attorney General investigated and found that they practiced discrimination against me. Others are still working who have similar accommodation needs I just want someone to give a suggested money amount.
How much would a person(s) get in a lawsuit on discrimination by being put out of a restarant? A group of ministers along with my self were dining in a local restaurant. One of the ministers requested extra lemons for water and the waitress got upset and never brought the lemons. We were upset at the service we were getting from this waitress and we wanted to request a new waitress. When we went to ask for a new waitress ,from the supervisor, we were asked to leave since we were not satisfied the service. We were the only African-American's in the entire restaurant.
Gender Discrimination no longer exists? Then why was a Fired Pregnant Woman told to "Suck Belly In"? In an article titled: Lawsuit Claims Fired Pregnant Woman Was Told To 'Suck Belly In' : A plastic surgery office discriminated against a pregnant secretary who was fired after being told to suck in her belly so she wouldn't scare away patients, government lawyers charged in an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday. An employer cannot fire a pregnant employee based on outdated and speculative fears regarding how patients might react to her pregnancy," EEOC Regional Attorney Jacqueline McNair said in a statement. Will this pave the way for men be asked to suck their bellies in, for fear that they'll scare clients away? Oh my. I keep hearing how gender discrimination doesn't exist, but then these pesky cases appear-do you think pregnant women should be fired for having big bellies? What's next, pregnant woman will be fired for swollen ankles? Quite a few people in this forum DO think that gender discrimination doesn't exist. Or they say that since laws EXIST to enforce pay equity and protect the rights of pregnant women, that it rarely occurs. We have lots of laws on the books that are disregarded every day, and only a few are enforced, based on what the powers that be think is important. Unfortunately, pay equity and pregnant working women's treatment are NOT important to this administration nor many others, so it is rarely being enforced. Just because the law is broken, doesn't mean that anything is done about it. Many take the short view, and think it's good for business to pay peole as poorly as possible and get rid of anyone who will inconvenience them in any way. I think if you treat your employees fairly, you'll get better employees and good morale, but that is not a popular view in this society.
On behalf of Pluto, I'd like to file a lawsuit against the National Astronomical Union for discrimination? Pluto has just appointed me and a team of attorney??s as its spokesperson. I suspect Pluto will be highly compensated for it??s demotion due to its size and orbit, both of which are beyond Pluto??s control. Just because Pluto is slightly handicapped does not give others the right to discriminate. Now what exactly is the NAU prepared to compensate this victimized planet with, considering the defamation of character and discrimination which it has bestowed upon Pluto?
I filed a discrimination lawsuit 6 mnths ago. Former employer has 6 mnths to respond. 6 months is up, now what Does the EOC review the case. Where does my attorney fit into this. I can't get in touch with him.
Can I press a lawsuit for discrimination for this? Recently, I applied for a position at a nearby company and was turned down. The statement I was given "You have not been selected for an interview. You need a reference within the company is needed before consideration for employment will be given." At 20 years old, and ex-military, I'm furious that I've just been turned down with my work history, and 18 year olds have been given jobs because they have family working for the company, even though these kids have little or no work experience, sometimes not even a diploma. Can I sue or otherwise take the company to court for this??
Lawsuits are targeting bars/clubs citing discrimination based on "Ladies Night"... What do you think of this? Here's an article discussing this trend in discrimination suits.. "In about two dozen cases, plaintiffs contend these drink and admission deals for women constitute discrimination against men and should be banned." "club owners...argue that the discounts actually help both sexes by balancing out the ratio between men and women" "Ladies' Night discounts violate the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal protection to "similarly situated" persons. But are men and women really similarly situated in the dating marketplace? The law is one thing, but the mating game has its own set of intrinsic rules" "Club owners maintain that Ladies' Night is not a policy of exclusion, but rather an economic enticement to increase business and satisfy their customers. They say the marketplace dictates whether the promotions are abandoned, not the courts" Your thoughts? Is anyone aware of any fem. org. supporting these suits? sources??? EDIT to why not?: Actually women's fitness clubs by law cannot exclude men from joining, they advertise and build their establishment gearing toward woman so that men won't WANT to join, but men are not excluded, common misconception. Call curves and ask 'em, before claiming discrimination.
i filed an age discrimination lawsuit against my former employer. I had 6 months to do so.? I filed in time. Even though I went through a lawyer, it has to go through EOC, the federal government. How long does the employer have to respond to the EOC who in turn informs my lawyer?
Why are companies increasing their discrimination against women in pay and promotion? I often hear on this forum that no gender pay discrimination exists in the US. A couple of federal judges differ with your opinion. A federal judge has ruled that female drug sales workers for Novartis Pharmaceuticals may proceed with a class-action gender discrimination lawsuit against the company. The women claim the company discriminated against them in pay, promotions and personnel evaluations, sometimes because they were pregnant or had recently given birth. Pregnancy discrimination is prohibited by a federal law enacted in 1978. Complaints to the government about such discrimination are increasing, to 4,901 last year, up from 3,977 in 1997, according to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Here's the New York Times article, "Judge Allows Class-Action Bias Suit Against Novartis": Three of the Novartis plaintiffs, as well as 28 others who submitted affidavits, said that women who became pregnant suffered a variety of poor treatment, including arbitrary discipline, denial of promotions, and termination of employment. ??Many attest to specific comments by managers indicating a hostility to pregnancy,?? Judge Lynch wrote in his opinion. One woman testified that her manager said he preferred not to hire young females, stating, ??First comes love, then come marriage, then comes flex time and a baby carriage." Another manager allegedly encouraged a young woman to get an abortion. Yet another woman alleges that employees were urged during a training session to avoid pregnancy. ??The declarant, five months pregnant at the time, drew the eye of the trainer, who said, ??Oops, too late,?? ?? Judge Lynch wrote in his opinion. If you'd bothered to read the article, it mentioned another recent law suit being filed against Walmart involving 1.6-2 million women for gender wage discrimination: "David W. Sanford, the lawyer for the women, said he believed the case was the second-largest gender discrimination case certified as a class, next to a case against Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart case, which alleges discrimination in pay and job classification and is pending in federal court in northern California, involves an estimated 2 million women who have worked for Wal-Mart since 1998." So the logic of quite a few of you is, since women get pregnant: -Women should be refused employment since they are a woman, and "could" become pregnant. Maybe you'd prefer women got their tubes tied before filling out a job application? Would that be sufficient so a woman could not be denied employment because of her gender? or denied raises or promotions? Is she still allowed to marry or have a step-child? would that interfere? So if a man is a widower, should he be fired since he will now be a drain on the company, like a woman would be, if you assume women are always the primary caretaker? Or would he have to marry? So if a woman hires a nanny, why does she have to worry about hiring, promotions or pay raises? If she's not taking time off, then what is the excuse for how she is being paid and promoted? "Managers are "hostile" toward pregnancy b/c it takes a trained employee AWAY from her fr**king job. This is not a gender issue." Yes, this is a gender issue SINCE women are the ones who get pregnant. AND if FATHERS did their share of the infant care, child care, nanny care, sick child days, child special events, then time away from work wouldn't be a WOMAN ISSUE--it would be a PARENT ISSUE, a common HUMAN ISSUE. So I agree this is a human issue, but since some men say their jobs are more important than their wives jobs; or say they make more money than their wives jobs; or say that it is the mother's OTHER job to be the primary child caretaker instead of being a shared PARENTAL responsibility, instead of being a HUMAN issue, parental duties have been made by society, corporations, business, families, and churches into a WOMAN's issue. If MEN would take equal responsibility for the childcare of their children, and stood up for their parental rights, then employers would listen. It is difficult to prove employment and salary/wage discrimination, since most people are threatened with being fired if they discuss their salary with anyone; plus nearly every company hides their pay rates and pay scales. If sexual discrimination cases are increasing, it must be pretty blatant to have been found. The evidence has to be overwhelming before most judges will allow a case to move forward. In addition, since the Reagon era, enforcement of pay equity has not been a top priority. The pay equity law has been in place since 1963. Since women are the only ones that can have children, you can think of the matter like you do that "these women are being given a special privilege by law which men are not given and is not in the best interests of business." Well we could change that. Tube tie all the women. Make sure men are sterile. Have test tube babies. Then neither gender has to have kids and we can get rid of laws that only apply to "one gender".
Have you heard about this LAWSUIT for DISCRIMINATION against non-hispanics? Had you heard of this case against NON-HISPANIC DISCRIMINATION? Apparently, non-hispanics sued and won. http://www.losangelesemploymentlawyerblo... My friend's daughter tried to get a job at McDonalds in a non-hispanic neighborhood and she was turned down. The manager is latina and only hired other latinos. Do you think that she has a suit now? Don't you think that McDonald's would know better?
what issues might arise when alleging a Section 1983 lawsuit based on discrimination such as that seen in Sant what issues might arise when alleging a Section 1983 lawsuit based on discrimination such as that seen in Santos Rivera-Torres v. Miguel G. Ortiz Velez.
Will Willie Randolph file a racial discrimination lawsuit against the New York Metropolitans? The poor guy has suffered so much after 400 years of slavery including the millions he has made over the years. It makes me want to cry.
When a discrimination lawsuit goes to the appellate court, how do the appellate judges draw their conclusions? My understanding is that judges in the appellate court read your briefs and then decide whether to grant the attorneys oral arguments. My question is: how many judges are usually reviewing your case in appellate court and how do the judges draw their conclusions about whether they will or will not grant you oral arguments and ultimately a trial by jury? these judges read only the briefs submitted by the opposing attorneys or do they also do their own investigating and read deposition testimony?
sharing settlement with lawyer in a discrimination lawsuit? how it works, is a percentage or what?
Why do people ignore discrimination against white males? I mean, if everyone's equal, then why do minorities and women get special consideration for college applications and scholarships. If we ever did the opposite (made it easier for white males to get into college), it would be a huge racial/gender lawsuit, but for some reason it's perfectly fine if the discrimination is against white males. I think what a lot of people don't understand is that I wasn't around during the slavery period. I wasn't around when blacks had to sit at the back of the bus. I have only been here for 17 years. Why do I have to pay for something I didn't do?
Do corporations that have branches overseas still have to comply with American anti-discrimination laws? For example, can a company set up a branch in Mexico and still be subject to a race discrimination lawsuit as per American labor laws?
can a person file discrimination on a child support agency? i am a single father, i want to file a lawsuit on a county agency for discrimination . is it possible? where do i turn, any interested parties, just ask me. the reason being, the difference between a male female case. i am the custodial father, and she owes me. the county will not react as with a female with multiple children, i have done my research.
Do I have a chance to win a lawsuit against my employer based on age-discrimination? It appears that the "hidden-agenda" of the non-profit organization that I have worked for the past 17 years is adding workload to the 55 age year old employees. I have gotten outstanding yearly evals, won several awards at the highest levels, been promoted several times, etc. They recently doubled my work area and client load to cover the increasing demands of our organization and have not hired additional help for over 10 years in my profession. If I get "laid-off" because I cannot keep up with the often 12 hour work-shifts that this job is now requiring plus the 24 hour on-call required do I have any recourse? My younger colleagues have not had an increase in their workload assigned. PLEASE HELP!! I am a salaried employee.
A Disability/Age discrimination lawsuit for wrongful termination is filed? What costs and monies items should be included for a final settlement (such as Cobra payments, bills, etc)? Any assistance is appreciated!!!
housing/employment discrimination? is it true that housing/employment discrimination lawsuits use the same terms, same methods to construct a case, etc? 'disparate impact' are used in context for both types of lawsuits. thanks.
Is it discrimination for a private company to have an 'English Only' policy ? Deep River (WTNH) _ Several Spanish speaking employees have filed a discrimination lawsuit against their company after an 'English Only' policy was implemented. A year ago, Andres Moran had a good life and a good job at G&C Industries in Deep River. "I worked there for three months and it was fine. It was a good working environment. Then after those three months they posted a policy in the lunchroom that said we couldn't speak Spanish," Moran explained. According to the policy, workers could only speak English during their work hours. Moran and his co-workers, legal immigrants from Honduras and Mexico, were shocked. "The whole Spanish people that worked there, we went and started talking to the managers, and why did they do that? For what reasons? We felt like we were being discriminated. We weren't doing anything bad," Moran said. According to Moran, the G&C Industries said because they were a private company they could do whatever they want. Moran and four others decided to file a discrimination lawsuit against the company. "So we're claiming in this case, this English only policy discriminated against my clients on the grounds of national origin," said the employee's attorney, Steve Jobs. Moran also says the company told the workers that safety was behind the new 'English Only' policy. When he did not comply, Moran says he was laid off. Moran and the four other employees are seeking $100,000 each, plus attorney fees and damages. ??So we??re claiming in this case, this English only policy discriminated against my clients on the grounds of national origin,?? said the employee??s attorney, Steve Jobs. When they come to this country their allegiance is supposed to be for this country which is an English speaking one. National origin???? What the....(censors myself) Go back to your country of origin where you will be free to speak the national language. Would like to see if in their country of origin they would be able to speak English or would be required to speak the national origin??s native language. I am sick of this and the good thing is they will garner little or no sympathy.
Do I go for an age discrimination lawsuit or accept the 4 month severance package? I was recently separated from employment because I followed a directive from the GM, the HR director, and my immediate supervisor (he sat in all the meetings). I was instructed to tell my managers to target union performers and manage them out...or else. Corporate HR got called in, I was the scapegoat (even though all my managers told corp. that my boss told them to fabricate reasons and lied about being in the meetings). The company kept the GM, the HR person and my boss because "they" made mistakes and they were going to work with them. I got let go even though I had emails proving they got copies of the "hit" list and follow up. I am 44, with the company for 14 years....the others are under 35 and with the company 6 years or less. I spoke to an employment lawyer who said I have enough to file a complaint with the EEOC. I am really stuck as to which way to go...severance with guaranteed income for 4 months or lawsuit. (sigh)
If I reject someone in a Yahoo! Group, is it possible for him/her to sue for discrimination? The Yahoo! group is not officially sanctioned by our organization, but our Y group works in cooperation with the board and is composed of members of our organization. The individual in question (the one requesting membership) was the reason we started our Yahoo! group in the first place. This individual was making shady deals without our knowledge or approval. We needed to improve communications between members in order to fight his administration. We have since gotten him out of the leadership position so that part is good. Nonetheless, he currently employs (and directs the actions of) a former "thorn" in our organization's side who is embroiled in a sexual discrimination lawsuit against our organization. We think he is fishing for additional fuel. While there probably isn't any there, we just don't want him in the room. Can you deny membership in a Yahoo! group without fear of a frivolous lawsuit filing? And who would be the respondent and how much would THAT cost?
Class Action Lawsuit For Discrimination against Yahoo!? I have been in contact with a couple of lawyers regarding the filing of a class action lawsuit on the grounds of discrimination against Yahoo!. All who have had their account suspended/terminated are asked to email me. I will then forward you the info for the lawyers office which I am dealing with so that you may contact them to sign onto this lawsuit. They will need specific information from you to show proof of qualifing for this. Name Yahoo! screen name of account in question a brief description of your circumstances Upon qualifying you will be given information on where to send a detailed description of the discrimination against you by Yahoo! in affidavit form. Given the high number of responses and Yahoo!'s inevitable blocking of this from getting around their site. This will take time and depending on how hard Yahoo! tries to suppress this information. Lawyer information may be take a bit to get to you. Please keep a watchful eye, this will be reposted a number of times. when people asked why they had their accounts suspended, all received the same premade answer. Yahoo! suspends/terminates all accounts the appear to violate the TOS. We do give our reasons under any circumstances, unless forced to by law. and this can happen if someone does not like your cartoon avatar or for anything else. Yahoo! has shown over and over again they do not look into why people hit the abuse flag. They just start suspending/terminating accounts and refuse to say why.
Class Action Lawsuit For Discrimination against Yahoo!? I have been in contact with a couple of lawyers regarding the filing of a class action lawsuit on the grounds of discrimination against Yahoo!. All who have had their account suspended/terminated are asked to email me. I will then forward you the info for the lawyers office which I am dealing with so that you may contact them to sign onto this lawsuit. They will need specific information from you to show proof of qualifing for this. Name Yahoo! screen name of account in question a brief description of your circumstances Upon qualifying you will be given information on where to send a detailed description of the discrimination against you by Yahoo! in affidavit form. Given the high number of responses and Yahoo!'s inevitable blocking of this from getting around their site. This will take time and depending on how hard Yahoo! tries to suppress this information. Lawyer information may be take a bit to get to you. Please keep a watchful eye, this will be reposted a number of times. no lawyer will take it huh.... you probably said the same thing when you heard about the lawsuit filed and won by the woman the spilled hot coffee on herself from McDonalds
Does my brother have a legitimate lawsuit? (Discrimination)? My brother flew in for the holidays to Denver from Utah. During Christmas he got a M16 Airsoft BB gun and wanted to take it back home with him. I looked at the TSA sight and gave him the number to the Security Violations and Concerns branch. They told him it would be no problem, just notify the checker that he had this item. We got to the airport and checked in his baggage, leaving the BB gun in its original cardboard box with the labels still on and everything. The baggage checker had him sign something and checked the bag. I stayed with him during this time just to make sure there would be no problems checking the gun in case I needed to ship it to him but from what just happened I assumed there were no problems at all and left. 30 mins later, my brother called me and told me they had pulled him aside and told him that they pulled the BB gun off and he could not take it on the flight. Kicker: My brother is 1/2 filipino and has been pulled aside for extra screening each flight.
Should the losing party in a civil lawsuit, such as a discrimination claim, always be required to pay the atto Should the losing party in a civil lawsuit, such as a discrimination claim, always be required to pay the attorneys, fees, expenses, and court costs of the prevailing party
myself&2 co-workers were fired after we confronted our boss on discrimination, what can we do? we were working for direct buy,in grand rapids owners took over 4/1/06,she's been trying to get us to quit by making up all kinds of rules that only the blacks had to abide by.we finally could'nt take it anymore,confronted her on 5/5/05. she took us to her office,we had a meeting ,she pacified us,told us we were good,we were not being fired,gave us a new schedule(in which she was cutting our hrs.and we didn't pay attention to it at the time)then on 5/8/06 told us our services were no longer needed.we all tried to ask why?the only thing she kept saying was our services were no longer needed. we couldn't get anything more than that.what can we do? could this be classified as a lawsuit for discrimination?
does anyone know what a discrimination complaint, or lawsuit, exactly is? in regards to taking legal action against an employer it was sexual harrassment by my female supervisor
If anyone out there knows about law or discrimination, please tell me what you think about my problem!!!!!? I was terminated from my last job 1 month ago. I was working as a banquet server at a hotel for almost 4 years. I asked for permission from my manager to be absent due to a personal problem(09/26/07), and my manager gladly said ok, "take as long as you need, let us know when you're ready to come back". Besides my manager, i also let another supervisor know that i would be back to work. I was absent for 2 weeks, and i went back to work another 3 weeks.During these 3 weeks i found out i was pregnant, i did not tell my supervisors, but i did tell a couple of co-workers. I let my boss know ahead of time that i would have to be absent for about 2 months to take care of my oldest child which i had enrolled in school in the state where my mother lived(Arizona),and my boss gave me permission. About a month and a half later i called my work and i spoke to the assistant manager(1/1/08),we spoke for a little bit and i told her i was pregnant and i asked her when would be a good day to go back to work so she could put me back on the schedule. What she said to me was "I terminated you" and i asked her why. The reason she gave me was "you never told me you were coming back". So i explained to her that i had permission from the manager, but she said that he was no longer manager, she was now the new manager. I found out from a co-worker that my other supervisor had let the new manager know about my problem and that i WOULD be back to work, he even thought it was very wrong what she did. There is many banquet servers in that department who have been absent from work for many months due to their other jobs and due to personal problems, and they haven't got terminated. I feel very discriminated and deep inside i know that the reason she terminated me was because she found out about my pregnancy before i had told her, because in banquets you have to use alot of strength. I feel even worse because i let 2 other on call jobs just to give this hotel all my availability.1 Employee was absent with no permission for a year and she did not get terminated. Please, i need to know if i can open a lawsuit for pregnancy discrimination. I am an outstanding employee, but it is wrong that i had permission to be absent and i get terminated with a cause that is unreasonable to me.
If anyone out there knows about law or discrimination,please tell me what you think about my problem!!!!? I was terminated from my last job 1 month ago. I was working as a banquet server at a hotel for almost 4 years. I asked for permission from my manager to be absent due to a personal problem(09/26/07), and my manager gladly said ok, "take as long as you need, let us know when you're ready to come back". Besides my manager, i also let another supervisor know that i would be back to work. I was absent for 2 weeks, and i went back to work another 3 weeks.During these 3 weeks i found out i was pregnant, i did not tell my supervisors, but i did tell a couple of co-workers. I let my boss know ahead of time that i would have to be absent for about 2 months to take care of my oldest child which i had enrolled in school in the state where my mother lived(Arizona),and my boss gave me permission. About a month and a half later i called my work and i spoke to the assistant manager(1/1/08),we spoke for a little bit and i told her i was pregnant and i asked her when would be a good day to go back to work so she could put me back on the schedule. What she said to me was "I terminated you" and i asked her why. The reason she gave me was "you never told me you were coming back". So i explained to her that i had permission from the manager, but she said that he was no longer manager, she was now the new manager. I found out from a co-worker that my other supervisor had let the new manager know about my problem and that i WOULD be back to work, he even thought it was very wrong what she did. There is many banquet servers in that department who have been absent from work for many months due to their other jobs and due to personal problems, and they haven't got terminated. I feel very discriminated and deep inside i know that the reason she terminated me was because she found out about my pregnancy before i had told her, because in banquets you have to use alot of strength. I feel even worse because i let 2 other on call jobs just to give this hotel all my availability.1 Employee was absent with no permission for a year and she did not get terminated. Please, i need to know if i can open a lawsuit for pregnancy discrimination. I am an outstanding employee, but it is wrong that i had permission to be absent and i get terminated with a cause that is unreasonable to me.
lawsuits against Sprint or Nextel Corporation? Is anyone aware of any lawsuits against Sprint or Nextel that involve discrimination of employees and/or unlawful termination. Any info would be appreciated!
Can I sue my former employer for Discrimination?Do I have a lawsuit or? And what would next step be? Work at the same place for 6 years-never any complaints. Employer offer group insurance, we pay 100% ourself. She wants to change Insurance company, a broker comes, I tell him that I have a cronic illness that I want to keep to myself and not reveal.Employer calls me to ask whats wrong, I tell her that I have a Cronic Illness,not any details, she gets pissed and cancel the policy we had and tells me that she is not offering any other, tells me to get my own which I can't b/c of my illness, I find out 2 months later that all but me have insurance through her,I was not even told.Legal/Illegal to do? I get sick, reveal my illness to her and she tells me to take time off that turn into 6 weeks off, I beg to come back! Come back, have lost shifts and I get fired 1 week later! Am told that I don't fit in anymore.! File for unemployment - Denied b/c employer states that I was discharged for misconduct at work.I am poor and my health is worse today and I think it is all her fault ! I am in Illinois,and it is fullblown AIDS. Actually right after I was fired, I did go to the City of Chicago, Commission on Human Relations and filled out a complaint and they thought I had a valid case but was also told that if I was ever to work in that field again I should not file a complaint, b/c words gets around, so I didn't. But it has been on my mind ever since and if it could prevent someone else to do it, I have won something. I never thought though that greed could kill in such an indirect way and that I am planning my funeral arrangement at age 35! At least if I could get some money to pay for my own funeral and not burden my family with that too, I would be happy.
Are Senior Citizen discounts discrimination? Are Senior Citizen Discounts discrimination and are they enforcable? I feel that if there was a Baptist discount or a Asian discount or a Gay discount, there would be lawsuits everywhere. How is this different? Isn't it discrimination based on age? I live in an area near Boston where most of the elderly are VERY well off and everyone else is struggling because the elderly bought their homes and land when it wasn't outlandishly expensive and now no one can afford to buy unless they are earning well into the six-figures. I'm not, and feel that I need the extra 15% off at a nearby chain department store much more than they do. Also, is this enforcable language: "discount is valid for senior citizens aged 62 or better." I am 31 and believe that is much "better" than 62.... :) Thank you. Oh, dear. I didn't mean to come off as a scrooge or something. It's just a personal curiosity - I am broke and they aren't, I just wondered what would happen if I went into Kohl's and said, I'm better than 62! I'm not about to raise a lawsuit, but at the same time, if I could get that discount, I could get some running shoes that have cushioning instead of continuing to wear my 8-year-old pair with the cash I have saved up. Otherwise I'll have to wait another month at least, and that's if my geriatric car keeps running. Yay for James! Thank you for answering without reading into my question and judging me!!!!!
Can I file a lawsuit against my company for religious discrimination? My company recently scheduled an emergency meeting. Based off of my normal availability for work, I have always said I needed Sunday mornings off to go to church. They scheduled a meeting two days before this Sunday and told me it was required to be there. I reminded them that I have this schedule conflict, which was signed by my manager and accepted, and I was told that religion was not a good enough excuse to miss work and that I would reap the repercussions of missing that meeting. Later that day, I was told that if I did miss the meeting that they would fire me, or find some way of firing me if I made a mistake ever again. To me, that sounds like retaliation. Do I have a legitimate case? This is a pretty large global company, so if I have any base to sue, it could be a legitimite case.
Fat people discrimination law? The news was talking about a state (Mass.) who wants to pass a law that states, fat people can sue for discrimination in a workplace if they feel they were discriminated against because they are obese or overweight (same as race, gender etc. laws). What do you think of this? My opinion is people just dont want to take resposibility for themselves and make excuses by blaming others with frivilous lawsuits. Some people are way too touchy on their answer. Its a question dont get your panties in a wad, seriously its only yahoo answers. lol
racial discrimination? and...? Homework Case: White Doctor works at the same hospital as a black nurse. The nurse gets crush on the doctor (doc married with kids)starts leaving him provocative messages, sends flowers, ect. He has no reason why this nurse is doing it. He goes to his supervisor and tells him the situation. supervisor brings in the female and says: " The doctor is very uncomfortable with the personal attention you are showing to him, and then asked her to please not continue to exhibit her show of affection for the doctor". The supervisor was then shocked to hear there was a lawsuit against him and doc for racial discrimination. She lied to attorney and said the supervisor said, "its not right in this hospital for people of different races to be romantic. (lie) 1. do you think the supervisor handled the situation well with the female conversation? 2. Do you think the female has a basis for a sexual harrasment claim? why 3. what would you do now to avoid this situation again (supervisor)?
do you think there is discrimination here? a caucasian student pushes a native american child and causes a broken leg needing surgery and the caucasian child doesn't get reprimanded because the principal said it was horseplaying even if the native american child said he wasn't even playing with the causcasian student. Then another incident when the native american child lets another child use his crutches while he is resting and the other caucasian child is only standing with them at his sides the principal takes the crutches away because she says the boys were using the crutches inappropiately she makes the native american child hop without any assistance to the office and the caucasian boys do not get reprimanded do you think there is racial discrimination here? And if there is do I have a lawsuit and which type of lawyer should I look for?
How can we outlaw reverse discrimination? I'm talking about discrimination against whites. If you don't think it exists, you're living in denial. I go to a high school in Virginia and I see it everyday. On national tests, they ask you to check a box for a special scholorship ONLY if you are black. They have the African American History Club, the Asian Association, and Hispanic Heritage Club, even the Gay-Straight Alliance, but students in another state that wanted a Caucasian Club were slapped with a lawsuit. if a white man attacks a black, its a hate crime. But recently a whole gang of blacks that jumped a white boy didn't even have to answer to charges of discrimination. This can't be allowed to comtinue. How can we out an end to it?
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